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Simple kolam rangoli design in chalk, 27

Simple kolam rangoli design in chalk

How to make this rangoli?

I made a small triangle like shape and made a petal like shape while reversing the chalk to draw the next arm of the triangle. All the other lines are repeating the action, the whirls getting bigger each time. In the end I made an outline to limit the design, and added a white rose in the center.

Star based Kolam Rangoli in Fevicryl paint

How to make this rangoli?

This is the ultimate in simplicity. Using a 6 number rounded brush and a bottle of lemon yellow acrylic paint (Fevicryl in this case), I started at the center with an upward pointing small triangle. A reverse triangle superimposed on the previous one completed the star in the center.

A dot in the center completed the Ganesh yantra in the center.

Next came the three petals joining the corners of the upward pointing triangle.

A half leaf shape is the next whirl. The shape of the leaf came first. Filled in two lines between the leaf and petal shapes.

Now for the three tendrils, pointing outwards from the joint between the leaves.

Last come the diya (lamp) shape in a single stroke without lifting the brush.

How to reduce stress in a journalist’s life

Q: Do you have any special courses or programs to help the people working honestly in mass media to reduce the stress?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
Yes. You know, this program that we teach is very useful in reducing stress, irrespective of whether you are in a media company or in the corporate sector or in aviation. Stress is a common factor in any work place and this will definitely help people get out of stress. Mainly, what we need to see in the world today is a violence-free society, a disease-free body, a confusion-free mind, an inhibition-free intellect and trauma-free memory. You know, we nurture so many types of inhibitions; if ten compliments are given to you and only one insult is given, your mind locks onto the one insult. So we need to bring a change to that - a trauma-free memory and a sorrow-free soul. This is the birthright of every individual and this is what these practices bring to you.

Questions answered by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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