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In Oblation

~ Swami Paramananda

Be not offended if my mortal hand

Lacketh  grace to offer Thee oblation

Yet this hand is Thy gift

Sanctified by Thy touch.

I will use it humbly

And lift this offering of love to Thy feet.

I will cherish my mind

For it hath brought me thoughts of Thee.

I will cherish my heart

For it hath brought me thoughts of Thee;

And I will crown this life with a crown of bliss

For it hath brought me to Thy gate.

Why do we ring the bell in a temple?

Q: Guruji, Why do we ring the bell in a temple?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Because there are so many thoughts wandering in your mind, with the sound of the bells you come into the present. Your thoughts come to a halt.
The drummers beat large drums, play the Naadaswaram, shehnai, bells, and conch. All these sounds are made so that your mind becomes quieter.
Your mind is like a kid. When a kid is crying, you cry louder than the kid and the kid becomes quiet. Have you noticed that? In the same way, when there is so much noise in your mind and too many thoughts, they blow the conch, ring the bell and with all the sounds, the mind comes to the present moment.
With so much noise around, the mind cannot think. It cannot wander. So it is used as a technique.
All outside sounds suppress the sound of the mind for a little while. This short-term suppression should lead the mind to silence. Once it goes into the depths of meditation, all words feel burdensome. But when the mind is full of words, and you are troubled by too many thoughts, these sounds bring relief. Have you seen in the Buddhist monastery, there is a big gong? They ring the gong and that vibration will keep you silent. So, from sound to silence, the journey is very important.

Conflict And Innocence

Conflict And Innocence

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Fights can only happen among equals. When you fight with someone, you make them equal. But in reality there is no one at par with you. When you keep people either above or below you, then there is no fight. When they are above you, you respect them. When they are below you, you love them and you feel compassionate. Either submission or compassion can take you out of a fight in no time. This is one way to look at it when you are tired of fighting. When you are well rested, just fight and have fun.

The same is true of the mind. As long as the mind thinks it is equal to the senses, there is conflict. When it realizes that it is bigger than the senses, there is no conflict. And when the mind is smaller than the senses, like in animals, there is no conflict. When the mind is caught up in the senses, there is constant conflict. When it transcends the senses, it comes back to its true nature, which is innocence - in no sense.

Does this make sense? (Laughter)

In Life ALL 3 is Essential... Meditation, Music, Knowledge(wisdom)

‪#‎SriSriExpress‬ wen Reaches TODAY At Tirupati !!

## Today we are in a position that every one should wake up !
## Everyone has to wakeup! We cant Sleep any more !
## Wake up to the fact that Divine is watching, we are in the presence of Divinity!
## When we realize we are God ,When this realization is there, corruption wont be there !
## Pra-pancha-World is made of five elements. Divine is present in all five elements.
## When we go to temple we are offered aarti , and then some water , U know... Fire(arti) is element of knowledge,Water-element of Love,Prasadam-elemnt of Earth&Etheral element is mantrochara!
## Religious conversion,I have pity & compassion for them.
They are disrespecting their ancestors, they are not wrong, but ignorant !! And saints are working to stop this ..
## Three things are essential for one to become successful in life- Purity in Heart, Clarity of Thought and Sincerity in action.
## If we are together, we can progress.
"Desh bhakti is Dev Bhakti"
## Its important that you should meditate.
In Life ALL 3 is Essential... 
1) Meditation 2) Music 3) Knwoledge(wisdom)
## When You Go & Surrender to The Divine, U are Crowned ! 
## Surrendering to the highest makes you a perfect human being, perfect King!
## Leaders of society should surrender to God and not to their whims and fancies !!
## Surrendering to highest gives you strength and not surrendering to urself or to ur emotions,whims and fancies !!
## We have to bring laxmi back,All the black money,bck to India. 
## We are sitting on Iron ore, And importing still!! We have Bauxite ore sending it out & Bringing bck?! This all because of this corruptions ! 
## Doctors do Free medical camp for those that need,under Start Volunteering ,vbi(volunteer for the better india-Work 4 VFBI.) Teachers gve education for free to few ! 
## I was passing through ydy & thr is so much barren land, & tht is d main reason for sparse rains & water problems, Also water problems are cause of so many diseases !
## Plant PIPAL trees banyan trees all over Andhra and water problem and rain will be solved!!

Followed By Meditation For 18 minutes With ‪#‎SriSri‬ !!
And Blissfull Mahasatsang !! 

Most of Q/A whr in telugu !
## Read that book "Intimate Note to The Sincere" it has ans to lot of ques Also Youngesters really enjoy Yes!+ They Realise what is the Purpose of life !!
## Q What is good / bad? 
SriSri: that which gives long term pleasure and short term pain is good and viceversa! that Which Gives Happiness to one and Pain to millions is not good, and that which gives happiness to millions with little struggle for one is good !!
Good and bad, day and night are all part of creation ! Its all one, it Advaitam ! 
## Q. Are You An Avtaar of God? Pls provide me Base of scriptures! 
SriSri: Ans in telugu:([We all are brahmaswarupa,prem swarupa?] Live together and Respect Eachother

We are attention hungry

We are attention hungry. This is a habit which we need to change. Why are we like this? It is because we don’t attend to ourselves. We are not aware of the light inside us, we are not aware of the peace inside us. We are unable to be content with ourselves. That is why we want someone else to say something, so that we can be content. 

- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Ways to be Free :) : Sri Sri

Q: Gurudev, in the world there are many paths to enlightenment. Please tell me the definitive way to be free.

Sri Sri: That's what I am doing, I think! I thought I am just telling you the definite way to be free! What is bothering you now? 
Read this book 'An Intimate Note To A Sincere Seeker'. When you feel bothered, when the negative emotions take over, then you feel stifled and uncomfortable. How to handle the negative emotions? There are six of them, excessive lust, greed, jealousy, anger, arrogance and attachment or delusion. The mind is entangled, it is not giving you any joy but you cannot get away from it because getting away from it becomes even more painful, this is called delusion. We call it moha in sanskrit. It means an attachment, like something stuck in the throat. You can neither spit it nor swallow it. Such a situation is called moha. There are a number of ways to handle these negative emotions. If you can handle these emotions, that's it. Then you are free! And pranayama, meditation is one of those ways.

Confidence and Humility : HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Q: Guruji, how can confidence be developed in one who is humble, and humility in one who is confident?

Sri Sri: 1. When you see your life from a bigger context of time and space, then you realize your life is nothing. 
2. When you are humble, you need to see that you are unique and dear to the Divine, which brings confidence, and when you realize you are insignificant, that brings humility. 
3. When you have a Guru, you cannot be arrogant. Your guru gives you confidence and also brings humility in you. The weakness in humility, and the arrogance in confidence are removed. You are left with confidence and humility! One of the rarest combinations in the human personality is the co-existence of confidence and humility. Often people who are confident are not humble and people with humility are not confident. Confidence blended with humility is most appreciated by everybody.

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