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A Quiet Mind, a poem by Ruskin Bond

Blue water lily

Lord, give me a quiet mind,
That I might listen;
A gentle tone of voice
That I may comfort others.
A sound and healthy body,
That I may share...
In the joy of walking,
And leaping and running.
And a good sense of direction,
So I might know just where I am going.

~ Ruskin Bond, To Live in Magic

Growing with love, a poem by Ruskin Bond

Pine woods

Lord protect the little ones.
Those learning to walk, to run, to climb.
As they take their tumbles and their knocks,
May they be upright as tall pines climbing the hills.
But teach them to bend too -
To be humble like the willow,
Which bows low gracefully,
And comes to no harm.

~ Ruskin Bond, To Live in Magic

Flower Power, a poem by Ruskin Bond



Ruskin BondDaddy said: "to be happy, be like a flower which attracts butterflies, bees, lady birds and gentle people."

"A flower doesn't have to rush about in order to make friends. It remains quietly where it has grown and sweetens the air with its fragrance. "

"God gave this power to flowers and gentle people."

~ Ruskin Bond, To Live in Magic

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