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Do not waste…

Don’t keep your mind engaged in too many activities.

Analyse what you get from them and see if they are really important. Don’t waste your time.

~ Swami Paramhansa Yogananda

Slumdog boosts tourism in Mumbai

According to the Economic Times, "Mumbai now tops the chart of global tourist destination followed by countries like Japan, made popular by the movie 'Memoirs of a Geisha', South America because of 'Motorcycle Diaries' based on Che Guevera's life, and New Zealand for the 'Lord of the Rings' which has 17 Oscars to its credit for the trilogy."

Mumbai, Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Station


Zinnias in bloom

Zinnias make sturdy plants in a North Indian garden. Despite the hot summer, these flowers do well in beds. And rich colours, chrome, ochre, mauve, pink, violet, carmine, vermillion, you name it…

Bougainvillea alongside train tracks :-)


They grow everywhere: highway dividers, landscaped gardens, household pots, as a climber against the boundary wall…

And alongside railway tracks :) The train ride between Agra and Mathura is a colourful splash because of these. Well, yes, the green fields and shady groves on the way also provide interesting colour, but bougainvilleas absolutely find me rushing to the window to catch that racing patch of fuchsia pink or chrome yellow as the case may be. More...

How different religions help us

Different religions are like different medicines for different diseases of people.

Every religion has some point of Truth in it.

But there cannot be a universally prescribed religious attitude for the whole of mankind, indiscriminately, in the same way as a common medicine cannot be prescribed for every kind of illness of everyone. More...

Hatha Yoga Pradipika ch 4. About Samaadhi

Shakti Kali and ShivaChapter 1: About Asana, Hath Yoga Pradipika

Chapter 2 About Pranayam, Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Chapter 3 About Mudras, Hath Yoga Pradipika

Chapter 4: About Samadhi, Hath Yoga Pradipika

1. Salutation to the Guru, the dispenser of happiness to all, appearing as Nada, Vindu and Kali. One who is devoted to him, obtains the highest bliss.

2. Now I will describe a regular method of attaining to Samadhi, which destroys death, is the means for obtaining happiness, and gives the Brahmananda.

3-4. Raja Yoga, Samadhi, Unmani, Manonmani, Amaratwa, Laya, Tatwa, Sunya, Asunya, Parama Pada, Amanasska, Adwaitama, Niralamba, Niranjana, Jiwana Mukti, Sahaja, Turya, are all synonymous.

What is Samadhi?

5. As salt being dissolved in water becomes one with it, so when Atma and mind become one, it is called Samadhi.

6. When the Prana becomes lean (vigourless) and the mind becomes absorbed, then their becoming equal is called Samadhi. More...

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