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Roadmaps to joy!

That is Siva’s stern advice to one and all.

Put your heart and soul into any work you do: and when you have done it, detach yourself completely and identify yourself with the Atma who is Akarta, Abhokta, Sakshi—that is the golden advice he gives to all Sadhaks. These lessons are worth even the world leaders’ learning.

[Siva = Swami Sivananda]

Food for all

When the dinner was almost over, Siva sang a beautiful hymn. Others, too, followed. All had finished their meals. Some had left some vegetables, etc. on their leaf. Siva’s eyes fell on these.

‘Visweswaranandaji, please see that nothing is wasted. All that remains on the leaves should be collected and given to the cattle. Also, please send for the health officers (this is the only name by which Siva can refer to the scavenger) and feed them nicely.’

There is a wonderful philosophy and a lesson in psychology in this. Siva does not chastise those who have not consumed what they took nor those who served, nor does he instruct the management to reduce the quantity prepared—but goes straight to the core of the problem.

‘There is no waste: everything has its own use, in the cosmic sense. The animals and the fish in the Ganga get their share.’

What a great heart.

~ Inspiring talks of Gurudev Swami Sivananda

Sri Banke Bihari ji ke sawaiya, 18 of 144

राधिका कान्ह को ध्यान धरैं, तब कान्ह ह्वै राधिका के गुण गावैं ।
त्यों अँसुवा बरसैं बरसाने को पाती लिखैं लिखि राधे को ध्यावैं ॥
राधे ह्वै जायँ घरीक में ‘देव’ सु प्रेम की पाती लै छाती लगावैं ।
आपने आप ही में उरझैं सुरझैं , उरझैं, समुझैं समुझावैं ॥

This Braj sawaiya verse by poet Prem, says:

Radhika in her love for Krishna, begins to feel as Krishna and longs for Radhika. Tears of longing for Radha fill her eyes and she writes a letter for her and sends it to Barsana. Then quickly comes back to being Radhika and takes the letter and embraces it, close to her heart. The poet Prem says, this is how she engages in her love for Krishna. She meditates on him and becomes one with Him :-) and doesn’t know the difference between herself and Krishna when she thinks of Him.

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Wise men only strengthen the faith

‘What is in this? A Christian comes, gives you a Bible and converts you into Christianity: a Mohamadan gives you a copy of the Quran and changes you into a
Mohamadan: a Hindu has his Gita for the same purpose.’
What a fund of wisdom.
‘Truth is one: all the scriptures expound this Truth though in different words.
What purpose can ever be served by these proselytisers?
They only change man’s
external cloak, a few of his habits.
Can they ever go near the Atman, the Eternal
Sakshi? Only dull-witted people engage themselves in such missions. Wise men
will only seek to strengthen the individual’s faith in his own religion.’

~ Inspired talks, Swami Sivananda

Sri Banke Bihari ji ke sawaiya, 16 of 144

Krishna playing flute in Vrindavan, Venugeet

मन मोहनलाल बड़ो छलिया, सखि वारू की भीति उठावत है ।
कर तोरत है नभ की कलियाँ, चट बन्द के फन्द लगावत है ॥
जहँ पौंन न जाय सकै, मुरली धुनि की तहँ दूती पठावत है ।
कहूँ चोर कहूँ दधि दानी बनैं, कहूँ साह लली बनि आवत है ॥

This sawaiya verse says:

Krishna is very naughty.… He sends the music of his flute as a messenger to places wherever even the breeze has no access!

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