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Ayodhya- Peace and only Peace

Sri Sri Ayodhya Ram Mandir

It is incorrect to assess the statement made by Sri Sri as a threat. Suppose an elder of the house tells us that the weather outside it too hot, take an umbrella. It is just a sound advice and not a threat
The current Ayodhya Ram temple issue is an emotional issue. Whatever the court judgement comes out. It will be high emotions on both the sides, some will be overly happy some will be overly sad. And it would be very easy for some conflict mongers to use these emotions to their political advantage to create violence or a divide in society.
On the other side if the out of court settlement happens, which all the responsible people of the society are trying, it would be a win win situation for both the sides and ensure long term harmony between the two communities.
What is better for the nation?
More harmony for the whole population of the nation
Benefitting a few individuals whose existence depends on conflicts between people.
If little bit of our effort can bring harmony to the nation, we should definitely put in our effort.

India's 7 Great Strengths–by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


The uniqueness of India is that it has survived the test of time in which many civilisations have perished. The idea of a One World Family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) mooted through its philosophy is ancient yet relevant to the modern times. Liberal, progressive and all-inclusive are the hallmark of this beautiful country.

One wonders how India has not only withstood centuries of invasion and plunder, but also continues to survive onslaughts in today’s times from serious issues like corruption and Naxalism.

Against the global trend of disintegration India has stood as a united nation despite so many religions, languages, ethnic groups, caste equations.

India’s strength can be grouped into 7 Areas:

  2. From ancient days, mathematics and science have been given utmost prominence in India.Though the world failed to recognise India as the mother of mathematics, the youth of India still carry its genius in their DNA.They are good in information technology and given an opportunity they excel in innovation.

  4. India offers a variety of tourism -- from spiritual tourism to eco tourism; from the ancient monuments of Khajuraho to the vibrant temples of Tamil Nadu; from the back waters of Kerala to the ski slopes of Himachal.
    India has the great beaches of Puri and Goa and the glorious architecture of Hampi ruins and so much more.This wide variety of tourist attractions has not been developed to its optimum. Lack of infrastructure is one of the biggest blocks for growth of tourism in India.

  5. FOOD
  6. The variety of food in India is unparalleled.A few years ago, Art of Living had hosted a vegetarian food festival called Annam Brahma and our volunteers prepared 5,600 vegetarian food items -- seven tons of different types of food!And there are likely to be many more varieties of food that are little known even to all Indians across the subcontinent.

  7. MUSIC
  8. Traditional music and dance in India has had a higher purpose, that of connecting with one’s higher Self.Here we have such a rich variety of dance and music which hasn’t been promoted adequately.

  10. Indian garments and jewelry have always been in great demand all over the world for their originality, craftsmanship, quality and variety.

  12. Modern medicine, with all its technology, has not succeeded in providing total health care because treating just the physical body is not sufficient.Ayurveda is a complete system of medicine that treats the whole body-mind complex.This time-tested, holistic system of medicine is fast becoming the main medical system of the future.

  14. And the most important of all is its spirituality, without which India would have become like the Balkan states a long time ago.India is more known for its yoga and spirituality world-wide.

Great spiritual leaders like Adi Shankara, Buddha, Mahavir, Nanak, Kabir, Meera and Ramakrishna Paramahansa have kept the spiritual flame burning lit by the sages of yore.

The richness and vastness of Indian scriptures is simply beyond comprehension.
The patience exhibited by the Indian people to accommodate diverse viewpoints is a fine example for nations to exist in harmony.

Having said this, a lot needs to be done to promote spirituality, which has real solutions to many of the ills of today

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji

Holi song with lyrics by Malini Awasthi फगुनवा मा रंग रच रच बरसे

और महीनवा मा बरसे ना बरसे, फगुनवा मा रंग रच रच बरसे|

अरे फागुन को एसो गुन

महल मढ़ई दूनों एक होई जायें

और राजा और रंक दूनों मिल कर गायें|


फगुनवा मा रंग रच रच बरसे...

अरे बाग वाली भीजे, बगेचा वाली भीजे

उहों भीज गईली जो निकली ना घर से

फगुनवा मा रंग रच रच बरसे...

लरिका भी भीज लीं, मेहरारू भी भीज लीं,

मेहरारू भी भीज लीं, परानिवा भी भीज लीं,

उहों भीज लईली जो अस्सी बरस की

फगुनवा मा रंग रच रच बरसे...

अम्मा मेरे बाबा को भेजो री, के सावन आया

अम्मा मेरे बाबा को भेजो री, के सावन आया,

बेटी तेरा बाबा तो बूढ़ा री, के सावन आया,

अम्मा मेरे भैया को भेजो री, के सावन आया,

बेटी तेरा भैया तो बाला री, के सावन आया |


नन्ही नन्ही बूंदे रे, सावन का मेरा झूलना,

एक झूला डाला मैंने अम्मा जी के राज में,

एक झूला डाला मैंने बाबाजी के राज में,

हरी हरी मेहंदी रे, सावन का मेरा झूलना,

हरी हरी चुनरी रे, सावन का मेरा झूलना|

This is a medley of Kajari/Savan folk songs sung by women in Uttar Pradesh in Bihar in India. It is sung here by Padmashree Malini Awasthi ji.

Jhoolan song from Vrindavan by Malini Awasthi, झूला धीरे से झुलावो बनवारी, अरे सांवरिया

झूला धीरे से झुलावो बनवारी, अरे सांवरिया|

झूला झूलत मोरा जियरा डरत है,

लचके कदमिया की डारी, अरे सांवरिया|

अगल बगल दुई सखियां झूलत हैं,

बीच में झूलें राधा प्यारी, अरे सांवरिया|

This beautiful folk song from Vrindavan, thousands of years old, mentions the Kadam tree which was once in abundance in Vraj. The swing mentioned in this song is on a Kadam tree, which in the rainy season is laden with round, deep yellow ball like flowers. The fruit is eaten. It was also a natural ball used for playing ball games by Krishna and friends.

This big shady tree with large leaves and millions of yellow golden balls is a pretty sight by itself on Indian roads again, thanks to the forest department’s tree planting drive in recent years.

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