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Love! Great immensity!

Unfathomed mystery!

Sacred current of life!

Vibrant resplendent flame

that burneth eternally,

Consuming all our imperfections,

Healing all our wounds,

And bestowing peace upon our turbulent heart!

Hail to Thee, Thou holy Spirit!

Hail to Thee again and evermore,

Thou Giver of pure sight!

Let me lie in Thy protecting arms

And sleep in the warmth of

Thy bosom,

And in waking behold

Thy beneficent face

That never changeth its tender mercy.

To Thee I turn my face.

And on Thee I fix my eager gaze

Now and let it be through eternity.

~ Swami Paramananda

Rhythm of Life

~ Swami Paramananda

Walk in the rhythm of life;

Your limbs will not tire.

Sing with the rhythm of life;

Your voice will gain sweetness.

Your feet will not touch the ground.

Breathe in rhythm.

Think in rhythm.

Talk in rhythm.

Walk in rhythm.

sing in rhythm.

Dance in rhythm.

Dance in rhythm.

Let rhythmic be your life.

Spiritual Search

      ~Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda

In the beginning of one’s spiritual search, it is wise to compare various spiritual paths and teachers. But when you find the real guru destined for you, the one whose teachings can lead you to the Divine Goal, then restless searching should cease. A spritually thirsty person should not go on indefinately seeking new wells; rather he should go to the best well and drink daily of its living waters.

Prostrations To The Guru

~ Swami Sivananda

Brahmanandam paramasukhadam

kevalam jnanamurtim

Dvandvatitam, gaganasadrisam

tattvamasyadi lakshyam,

Ekam nityam vimalamachalam,

sarvadhi sakshibhutam

Bhavatitam triguna rahitam

Sadgurum tam namami.

I prostrate to the Sadguru who is beyond the modifications of Nature, beyond feelings, the witness of all intellects, the one, eternally pure, like the expansive sky, free from the pairs of opposites, the goal of the Tat Tvam Asi Mahavakya, the form of pure knowledge, the bestower of supreme bliss and Brahmic joy.

In Oblation

~ Swami Paramananda

Be not offended if my mortal hand

Lacketh  grace to offer Thee oblation

Yet this hand is Thy gift

Sanctified by Thy touch.

I will use it humbly

And lift this offering of love to Thy feet.

I will cherish my mind

For it hath brought me thoughts of Thee.

I will cherish my heart

For it hath brought me thoughts of Thee;

And I will crown this life with a crown of bliss

For it hath brought me to Thy gate.

सुमिरन करो आदि भवानी का Devi bhajan

सुमिरन करो आदि भवानी का…

पहला सुमिरन गणपति देवा और ऋद्धि सिद्धि महारानी का

दूसरा सुमिरन शंकर जी का, और गौरा महारानी का

तीसरा सुमिरन विष्णु जी का, और लक्ष्मी महारानी का

चौथा सुमिरन ब्रह्मा जी का, और सरस्वति महारानी का

पांचवा सुमिरन रामचन्द्र का, और सीता महारानी का

छठा सुमिरन कृष्ण चन्द्र का, और राधा महारानी का

सातवां सुमिरन सालिग्राम का, और तुलसा महारानी का

आठवा सुमिरन गुरुदेव का, चरनन की बलिहारी का

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