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गुरु मेरी पूजा Guru Govind Singh ji Shabad

जित बिठ्लावे तित ही बैठूं, जो पहरावे सोई सोई पहरूं

मेरी उनकी प्रात पुरानी, बेचे तो बिक जाऊं

गुरु मेरी पूजा, गुरु गोविंद, गुरु मेरो प्राणधन, गुरु भगवंत,

गुरु मेरा पारब्रह्म, गुरु भगवंत

१. गुरु बिन जीवन अलख अंधेरो, सर्व-पूज्य शरण गुरु तेरो

२. गुरु के दर्शन देख देख जीवां, गुरु के चरण धोय धोय पीवां

३. गुरु मेरा ज्ञान, गुरु मेरा ध्यान, गुरु गोपाल, पूरण भगवान

Vrindavan bhajan for Sri Radha Rani

मेरे गिनियो ना अपराध, लाड़ली श्री राधे

मेरे गिनियो ना अपराध किशोरी श्री राधे

१. जो तुम मेरे अवगुन देखो, तो नाही कोई गुण हिसाब, लाड़ली श्री राधे

२. अष्ट सखी और कोटि गोपिन में, उनकी दासी को दासी मैं, लाड़ली श्री राधे

    वहीं लिख लीजो मेरो नाम, लाड़ली श्री राधे

३. माना कि मैं पतित बहुत हूं, हौ पतित पावन तेरो नाम, लाड़ली श्री राधे

    किशोरी मेरी श्री राधे, लाड़ली श्री राधे, स्वामिनी श्री राधे

Feeling grateful for the oral traditions of India :) My heritage.

Conflict And Innocence

Conflict And Innocence

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Fights can only happen among equals. When you fight with someone, you make them equal. But in reality there is no one at par with you. When you keep people either above or below you, then there is no fight. When they are above you, you respect them. When they are below you, you love them and you feel compassionate. Either submission or compassion can take you out of a fight in no time. This is one way to look at it when you are tired of fighting. When you are well rested, just fight and have fun.

The same is true of the mind. As long as the mind thinks it is equal to the senses, there is conflict. When it realizes that it is bigger than the senses, there is no conflict. And when the mind is smaller than the senses, like in animals, there is no conflict. When the mind is caught up in the senses, there is constant conflict. When it transcends the senses, it comes back to its true nature, which is innocence - in no sense.

Does this make sense? (Laughter)

Seva is savior

Weekly Knowledge #53 St. Louis, Missouri 13 Jun 1996 USA

Seva is savior~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The way to expand from individual to universal consciousness is to share other’s sorrow and joy. As you grow, your consciousness should also grow. When you expand in Knowledge with time, then depression is not possible. Your inner most source is joy.

The way to overcome personal misery is to share universal misery! The way to expand personal joy is to share universal joy. Instead of thinking "what about me?" "what can I gain from this world?" think "what can I do for the world?" When everyone comes from the point of contributing to society, you have a Divine society. We have to educate and culture our individual consciousness in order to expand in time with the Knowledge 
from "what about me?" to "what can I contribute?"

If you are not having good experiences in meditation, then do more seva -- you will gain merit and your meditation will be deeper. When you bring some relief or freedom to someone through seva, good vibrations and blessings come to you. Seva brings merit; merit allows you to go deep in meditation; meditation brings back your smile.

A poor man asked the Buddha

A poor man asked the Buddha,

“Why am I so poor?”

The Buddha said, “you do not learn to give.”

So the poor man said, “If I’m not having anything?”

Buddha said: “You have a few things,

The Face, which can give a smile;

Mouth: you can praise or comfort others;

The Heart: it can open up to others;

Eyes: who can look the other with the eyes of goodness;

Body: which can be used to help others.”

So, actually we are not poor at all, poverty of spirit is the real poverty.

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