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Inner harmony is your greatest supporter

Good judgment is a natural expression of wisdom;but it is directly dependant on harmony within, which is poise of mind. When the mind lacks harmony, it has no peace, and without peace it lacks both judgment and wisdom. Life is full of bumps and knocks. In the hours of trials, which demand your keenest judgment, if you preserve your mental equilibrium you will attain victory. Inner harmony is your greatest supporter in bearing the burden of life.

~ Paramhans Yogananda

Yoga for me

Yoga is to be known by Yoga. Yoga is the teacher of Yoga. The power of Yoga manifests through Yoga alone. The practitioner who does not become careless, negligent, inattentive, he/she alone rests in Yoga and enjoys Yoga.

~ Ved Vyas

Sanskrit prayer before meals

Sanskrit praer before meals, ayurvedaThis Sanskrit prayer to be read before a meal, indicates that eating and digesting is a sacred act. The prayer means know Anna, the food to be Brahma (the creative force), the juices in the food, the elements worthy of digestion to be Vishnu (the force that sustains), and the act of digestion to be Shiva (the force that destroys non-essentials). If you know this while you have your meals, no ill-effects which may have otherwise emanated from the food will affect you. Know the act of eating and digestion to be sacred :-) Food in Banke Bihari ki gali

Gandhi’s prayer for peace

I offer you peace, 

I offer you love,

I offer you friendship,

I see your beauty,

I hear your need,

I feel your feelings,

My wisdom flows from the Highest Source.

I salute that source in you.

Let us work together for unity and love.

(Gandhi’s prayer for peace)

Who said I can’t be superman(with lyrics)…Hannah Montana

I'm more than just,
Your average girl
I like to turn me up,
And show the world(oh yeah)
Cause some can talk the talk,
But this girl just wants to rock(rock)
I'm individual,
I'm not like anyone
I can be glamorous just like you see in all the magazines
I can be cool as ice
Or anything I want to be
Who Said,
Who said I can't be superman
I say,I say that I know I can
Who said,
Who said I won't be president
I say,I say you ain't see nothin' yet
(oh yeah!)
Go on and make some noise
Every girl has her choice
To lead their own parade
I do it my way
I can be soft and sweet,
Or louder than the radio
I can be sophisticated,
Or totally go(totally go)
Out of control(out of control)
Who said,
Who said I can't be superman
I say,I say that I know I can
Who said,
Who said I'm not electrified
I say,I say,
There no holding back
Staying right on track
Cause' you control the game
So let'im know your name
No limitations on imagination,
Imagine that!!
Who said,
Who said
I can't be world wide
I say,I say
time is on my side
Who said,
Who said I can't be ten feet tall
I say,I say
that I can have it all
Who said,
Who said
I can't be superman
I say,I say
that I know I can
Who said,
Who said
I won't be president
I say,I say
you ain't see nothin' yet
Who said
That's right!

Happy Journey :)

Success tool - Calm mind

  • When we are impatient we throw away our opportunities. ~ Swami Paramananda
  • It is a good idea to keep a mental diary. Before you go to bed each night, sit for a short time and review the day. See what you are becoming. Do you like the trend of your life? If not, Change it. ~ Paramhans Yogananda
  • Never mind failures. Rise with fresh vigour. Everything is conquered by the giant force of will. ~ Paramhans Yogananda
  • We should never indulge into thoughts that disturb our mind, distort our vision or shake our resolution. ~ Swami Paramananda

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