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Hinduism, where it started

Hinduism is only a post-European concept. Europeans have given that name. We do not call ourselves by that name. ‘Hindu’ comes from the word ‘Sindhu’. When Greeks and Persians came to India some years before Christ – Alexander and Jerious, and other Persian kings and Greek invaders came – they crossed the Sindhu, and they wanted to know who these people staying in this country are. They did not know their name. They said that river is called Sindhu, and all those people who are on the other side are Sindhus.

In Persian, ‘s’ is pronounced as ‘h’, so ‘Sindh’ becomes ‘Hind’, so they pronounce it as ‘Hindu’; and in Greek it has become ‘Ind’. The word ‘India’ has come from the word ‘Sindhu’ only. ‘Sindh’ becomes ‘Hind’, ‘Hind’ becomes ‘Ind’. So the words ‘Hindu’ and ‘India’ have both been created by these historical conditions, historical circumstances.

Really, this is Bharatvarsh. We call it Bharatvarsh. Even now they say ‘Bharat’. It is not India. ‘India’ is a historical exigency. Similarly, the word ‘Hinduism’ – there is no such thing as that. It is Sanatana Dharma – eternal religion. It is eternal religion because it accepts every level of religious thought. It does not reject any level, but it does not consider any level as final. That is the whole point.

~ Swami Krishnananda

Meera Bai Bhajan by Pandit Mallikarjun Mansur in Raga Bhairavi, Mat ja jogi

मत जा, मत जा, मत जा जोगी

पांव परूंगी मैं तेरे, जोगी मत जा, मत जा, मत जा

प्रेम भक्ति को * न्यारो, हमको गल बता जा, मत जा, मत जा

अगर चंदन की चिता रचाई, अपने हाथ जला जा,

जोगी मत जा, मत जा, मत जा

* भई भस्म की ढेरी, अपने अंग लगा जा,

जोगी मत जा, मत जा, मत जा

मीरा के प्रभु गिरधर नागर, ज्योति में ज्योत मिला जा,

जोगी मत जा, मत जा, मत जा

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