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Paani Ravi Da, Lahoriye with lyrics in hindi and english. Amrinder Gill, Neha Bhasin

Title : Paani Ravi Da
Singer : Neha Bhasin, Amrinder Gill
Lyrics : Harmanjeet
Music : Jatinder Shah
Mix & Master : Sameer Charegaonkar

Aya laariye ni tera sehreyan wala, Viahwan aaya…
आया लाडरिए नी तेरा सेहरेयान वाड़ा, व्याहवड़  वाड़ा

Paani ravi chad ke vekhda ae
hawa udd ke aa gayi beleyan cho,
पानी रावी द चड़ के वेखदा ए
हवा उड्ड के आ गयी बेलेयाँ चों

Sade chawaaan jehe rangdaar sheeshe ae
Aa gaye ne uth ke meleyan cho.
साड्डे चावा जहे रंगदार शीशे
आ गए ने उठ के मेलेयों चो

Laatu ghumde ve
Vehde chumde ve
Uddi mor jande
Surmedaniya te…
लाटू घुमदे वे
वेहड़े चुमदे वे
उड्डी मोर जान्दे
सुरमेदानियां  ते

Dhan-dhan biba chira bann biba
Sade ghar aayo meharbaniya ve -x2,
धन धन बीबा चीरा बन बीबा
साड्डे घर आयो मेहरबानिया वे - x२

Neendan kachiyan te
Dil kare kuk-duku-du
Ve main tha dene di dig payi
Vich ishqe de channa khuh.
नींदा कचियाँ ते
दिल करे कुकड़ू कुड़ु
वे में ढ़ॉ देने दी डिग पई
विच इश्के दे चन्ना खू

Haan neendan kachiyan
Dil kare kuk-duku-du
Ve main dig payi
Vich ishqe channa khuh.
हाँ  नींदा कचियाँ
दिल करे कुकड़ू कडू
वे में डिग पई
विच इश्के खू

Nain ho gaye
Latt baure kalla disda ae channa tu,
नैन हो गए
लट्ट बौरे कल्ला दिसदा ए चन्ना तू

Neendan kachiyan te
Dil kare kuk-duku-du
Ve main dig payi
Vich ishqe channa khuh.
नींदा कचियाँ
दिल करे कुकड़ू कडू
वे में डिग पई
विच इश्के खू

Akhan meech ke ve main sochdi
Dil udd da udda da bochdi
Dil udd da udda da bochdi
Teri rani raja ji teri rani
Teri rani raja ji teri rani.
अन्खां मीच के वे में सोचदी
दिल उडड्दा उडड्दा बोचदी
दिल उडड्दा उडड्दा बोचदी
तेरी रानी राजा जी तेरी रानी
तेरी रानी राजा जी तेरी रानी

Takke yaar si
Akhan paar si
Sidhi putti aan ang pair channo
Jo Punjab sanjhe
Sade khaab sanjhe
tere hathan cho pee laan zehar channo.
तकके यार सी
अन्खां पार सी
सिद्धी पुट्टी आ अंग पैर चन्नो
जो पंजाब सांझे
साड्डे ख्वाब सांझे
तेरे हथां चों पी लान जेहर चन्नो

Mithi-mithi aundi haye
Vashna ni sade hiriye saak suheleyan cho.
मिट्ठी मिट्ठी औंदी हाय
वाशना नी साड्डे हिरिये साक सुहेलेयाँ चों

Haan reta sat ranga da udd da ae
Ajj dehaan de rang leta beleyan cho.
हाँ रेता सत रंगां दा उड दा ए
अज्ज देहां दे रंग लेता बेलेयाँ चों

Candida, it’s Heavy Metal connection and how to totally cure it

In this eye-opening video, Amitabh Pandit explains why candida is necessary, why it does not let go of its tenacious roots, why the fungus penetrates into the deepest tissues and causes the most complicated health problems including cancer.  The real cause of candida is heavy metal toxicity in the body and until this has been removed with chelation through EDTA, DMSA, ALA and other means that are natural, your fight against candida will remain a losing battle

View more videos here on Dr Amitabh Pandit's Youtube Channel

What is stopping your Happiness? Sri Sri reveals

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Happiness Contentment

Sri Sri - Greed takes away the contentment. It is the, 'I want more, I want more', which makes you miserable, which makes you put so much effort! You should think that whatever is needed for me, I will get it. You should have that faith, that it will come to you.

Why do you get so disturbed? It is greed which disturbs you. So, not wanting too much of anything; balance!

Happiness and contentment comes, the only thing you have to ensure is
1. You are not lazy. If you are lazy and you say, 'Let happiness come to me', it is not going to come to you. Lazy people will not be happy
2. Don't be selfish. If you are selfish, happiness is not going to come to you. If you only say, 'Me, mine, only me', you are not going to be happy. Selfish people will not be happy
3. Don't be greedy. A greedy one will not be happy. If you are greedy and say, 'I want more and more and more', you will not be happy
4. People with the feeling of revenge will not be happy. If you want to take revenge on anybody, then you cannot be happy

Types of Obstacles and how Lord Ganapati removes them, Sri Sri explains

Ganesh Chaturthi Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in satsang at the Art of Living International Center, Bangalore:

Whenever you do any work, in that there are two types of obstacles.One is associated with the mind (Buddhi) and the other is perfection (Siddhi), ability to do any work flawlessly.

If you want to do any work perfectly then there are challenges or obstacles, isn’t it? In the same manner, mind also creates obstacles. If good thoughts come to mind, then work is done. But if there is negativity in thought, then work will just get stuck. So, in order to any work, there has to be mind (Buddhi) or thought behind it to do that work. Along with this, what we also need is effectiveness. For example, if the operation was successful but the patient died then it is of no use, isn’t it? This means ‘Siddhi’ is not there. What is Siddhi? It is the ability to get the work done in the same manner as it was supposed to be completed. To get any work done without any flaw is ‘Siddhi’.

There is a saying in Kannada, which means that when there were teeth, that time peanuts were not there, and when peanuts are there, no teeth left! You got the peanut, but this will not be called as ‘Siddhi’. That which you get well in advance from needed time, and in more quantity than it was supposed to be, that is ‘Siddhi’. And even to receive before time or on time and in the right quantity as required, is also Siddhi.

And to remove both these types of obstacles, one needs grace of God. That is the secret of prayer to Lord Ganpati.

Lord Ganpati is vast like the sky and also residing at our first chakra, ‘muladhara chakra’ in the body, at the base of spine, backbone of our life. He is inside us only. In the Ganpati Puja, what we say is that you are already there in me, for some time please come out in this clay idol of mine as I need to play with you.

Human tendency is to play and in order to play any game, we need at least two parties, opponents. How can you play alone? For example, if you are playing badminton then somebody should be there to return that shot. You cannot play any game alone. That is why it is said that, Lord Ganpati, you are inside me only but please do come outside and sit in the idol so that we can play for some time. And after playing, we request that you please go back inside again, that is why we immerse idols in the water.

This is the secret. In olden days people made these spiritual practices, so that we can enjoy and celebrate life. If one wears golden ornaments then only he or she will be happy, but if the same gold is on God or Goddess then everybody can see it publicly and appreciate it’s beauty. And the main attraction of this festival is ‘modak’ (sweet), which after eating you feel good, happy, that is sweet (modak). Let everyone distribute sweet, live life as a celebration. This scientific way was recognized thousands of years ago by ancient people and hence this festival is being celebrated. Also, they said that walk like an elephant, with patience, towards our goal, not like a hen which runs here and there. Elephant walks with profundity. If you see in the eyes of elephant you will see that there is such innocence in them, like a small child. If you have innocence and profoundness, then you can remove any obstacle. Obstacles will anyways come in life, if we get angry or disturbed, then there is no Siddhi, no Buddhi, nothing. There is no success either.

Hence to remove all the obstacles in life, we pray to Lord Ganpati, that let ‘Buddhi’ and ‘Siddhi’ both come together. Mind should be sharp, sattvik (positive) and Siddhi should be on time. Siddhi means contentment, let it happen whatever it has to happen. That which fulfills a desire even before it arises. This is Siddhi.

And Buddhi is that mind which ensures that there are no desires. And even if there are, then mind should watch when the desire arises and know that the desire is nothing.

This is completeness. So you all pray that let your mind be positive and also you get Siddhi for the work. Whatever you do, it should be successful.

Is Non Veg food destroying the human race?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Non Veg, Health and Earth

Q: Is there a strict No for Non Veg?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Today maximum diseases are from non veg. Go to the internet, check last 10 years diseases. Today these animals and birds are being bloated with steroids.
The flesh industry works on profit and weight. They make animals bigger and heavy and steroids enter your body. Because of steroids, medicines dont affect you. You Maxie to double your dose.

Another thing that enter your body is Urea. 90% of mothers cannot breast feed in US because their milk contains Urea.

The whole globe is becoming vegetarian now.Next point, We are born as herbivores.

Carnivores Saliva contains sulphuric acid which break down the flesh and it is digested easily.
For you, Non veg sits in your stomach for 72 hours. And your body struggles to digest it. So much of energy is wasted because the HCl that your stomach has is of Ph2 grade and it cannot digest animal skin.
Imagine a dead animal sitting in your body for 72 hours.

Secondly, think Globally - we are a green planet. We grow grass, we use it for animals and we eat them. Animal eats a lot of green grass. Cow drinks a fighter ship full of water in a lifetime. A ship as big as IANS Vikrant. 1 pound of cow uses acres of land to grow grass.

Chiken uses 50kg of foodgrains in a lifetime. One chicken only 4 to 5 people can eat but 50kg food grains 400 people can eat.
It creates a lot of hunger and poverty in world

It will be a great act of seva if you drop non veg.
Maximum protein is in soya. We are not made for 6 pack abs. We are born for meditation. Slimmer body is a healthy body.
We don't require that much protein.

Fitness is not 6 pack. Fitnes is when your body can decide yes or no whenever you want.
Do it for health reasons. Make interesting vegetarian food. Simply drop non veg.
If you go n see "meat" video on you tube you will know How animals are tortured its inhuman. You should see these atrocious videos.
Fish ,Eggs all comes under non veg.

What is the significance of the Varna (classification system of the society)?

Varna System in society Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Q: What is the significance of the Varna (classification system of the society)? When all the saints have asked us to go beyond the classifications then from where did it originate?

#SriSri: Varna is a classification system within the society. It is an order of classification for education and application of that education. There are different classes within a society. Now, you want to take a medical branch after passing school, you want to become an engineer, lawyer or doctor – the order of these occupations is Varna. It is not according to the birth, but according to the occupation. This happens irrespective of the fact whether you want it or not. In every country, there are groups according to the respective trades or occupations. And it will always be there. There is a different group for the businessmen, different for the intellectuals, different for the professors, different groups for the writers. Similarly there is a different group for the soldiers; there is a defense ministry, where only matters related to this are discussed. So, in this way there will be the division of society on the basis of the occupation. And it is rightly so; the classification of society on the basis of the occupation. Why? In this manner, there would be skill enhancement, specialization and progress. This is why lord Krishna has said – “catur-varnyam maya srstam, guna-karma-vibhagasah”. That is- the division is on the basis the Guna (Quality) and the Karma(Work). The lord has created this system. And it is present throughout the world; this is not just India;. So, just know that the Varna is not according to the birth, it is according to the occupation. This can change too. A soldier does not have to remain soldier through his life; he can anytime choose to become a professor too. A teacher can anytime choose to become a soldier or even a trader.

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