Prayer, meditation, contemplation – Swami Rama

Points from the video…

It’s the language of love. You see how a new born baby communicates with her mother.

When we become one-pointed. That prayer never goes in vain.

How not to allow your mind to be disturbed by your emotions

How to use the power of emotions? They both have great power – the power of thoughts, the power of emotions.

Learn to think, not to brood, not to worry. Have clarity of mind. Don't be a worrier, be a warrior.

You are responsible for the problems you have created for yourself.

Prayer gives you strength.

When you pray, who are you going to pray to?

The Lord who is within you.

In the inner chamber of our being.  In your own language…with one pointed mind when you pray, your prayers are answered.

Best time for prayer? Any time you pray.

Pray directly to the Lord of life who is seated within you.

Ask the lord of life to give you wisdom.

Self condemnation leads to sickness. Learn to forgive yourself.

How to have prayaschit?

How to be free from the stains of the impressions we have within us.

Prayashchit means, repentance; means, not to repeat.

My Lord forgive me.

You need strength. Inner strength.

And that strength is not external strength but strength from within.

Not hurting or injuring anyone…

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