Why seek abundance

Abundance is a state of consciousness in which you believe in your clear and unimpeded connection to the source of creativity. You are inherently confident that your needs will be met. Your inner value is independent of your outer possessions. You recognize that the universe is abundant, and that you are an expression of universe.

People on a spiritual path often struggle to reconcile the apparent contradiction between embracing wholeness and material abundance. Warnings about the spiritual risks inherent in the pursuit of abundance are present in most religious traditions. Christ told us it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. In Buddhism and Hinduism, the monk’s path of renunciation is promoted as superior to the ways of the householder. Knowing that in the end, we can’t take it with us, why commit to abundance?

The answer is in the word. Abundance is derived from the Latin word undare, which means “rising in waves.” The essence of abundance is the experience of the ocean of life rising in waves of love, energy, and enthusiasm. Connected to the infinite, unbounded field of spirit, the abundance of the universe becomes accessible to you.

Commit to abundance consciousness. On a daily basis, before going to sleep, take an inventory or your life and allow your heart to fill with gratitude for the things, experiences, and people in your life. Even during those times when your life is not unfolding the way you would like it to, bring abundance into your awareness and you will notice a shift in your perspective. With this inner shift, you will observe a spontaneous clearing and abundance will flow.

~ David Simon

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