Bliss is like breeze, says Swami Nithyananda

“Bliss is like a breeze. As long as you have your hands open, you can feel it flow. Once you try to possess it, it moves away from you!"

~ Swami Nithyananda

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The origins of chikan are shrouded in mystery and legend. Some historians opine, the chikan is a Persian craft, brought to the Mughal Court of the Emperor Jahangir by his beautiful and talented consort Mehrunissa. The queen was a talented embroiderer and she so pleased the king with this ethereal, white floral embroider that it was soon given recognition and royal patronage. Workshops were established wherein this embroider was practiced and perfected.

Lucknow Chikan on Tuesday, February 2, 2010

राम जी के भईले जनमवा चलहौ करि आई दरसनवा A Sohar song from Ayodhya by Malini Awasthi