Don’t be afraid. Sooner or later you have to resolve those fears

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How does one cultivate love for those duties which create conflict in the mind?

First of all, you should sit down. There are only few conflicts; not many. You have not resolved them because you are afraid. And do you know what fear does? Fear invites danger. You are afraid of that, and that’s why you have kept the fear.

Don’t be afraid. Sooner or later you’ll have to resolve those fears. Be forward and do it. The conflict will not be there. You are afraid of telling something to your wife, and there is a conflict, ‘I did not say this to my wife. If she knows, she is going to create havoc at home.’ So there is a conflict.

Either resolve it without letting it out. Spitting something bad out is also not good. It is not necessary.

Modern people or modern therapists know only one thing. Blah blah blah blah. They think this is a great remedy! It’s not.

If you speak against somebody or you praise somebody, does not mean therapy is over. You still think about it.

If you on telling, ‘I am bad, I am bad, I am bad,’ you are bad. If you say, ‘I am good, I am good, I am good,’ you are good.

These self-suggestions or suggestions from others do affect our human life.

You have to be strong. Nobody can survive if you go on accepting suggestions from the world.

Many of the times, people fakely say, ‘You are a wonderful man.’ They don’t want to displease you but they don’t mean that you are a good man.

Someone says, ‘You are a very bad man.’ Well, I can correct myself, why am I a bad man?

Exaggerated suggestions blast our mind.

And mind is weak, it has not been trained. It has not been trained in aparigraha. It has not been trained in accepting the gifts. It’s a gift: somebody says you are good or bad. Somebody gives you a good gift. Somebody gives you a bad gift. You have to learn filtering.

There are two things: mind and time. They are closely related.

Time is greatest of all filter.

Today you feel sad that your beloved rejected you and went away. Tomorrow, day after tomorrow, slowly you will find that sadness is gone. There comes a day, ‘Good that she left.’ You don’t care! Time is greatest of all filters.

But, if you learn how to make your mind free from time, your mind will be beyond all this. Time is one of the prime conditions of mind, remember that.

Time, space and causation. These are three prime conditionings of your mind. And no one tries to understand it.

You will know through space what time is and what is causation….

Mind can be freed through these three conditions. One cannot attain the highest state of samadhi without freedom from the conditionings of the mind.

You have to have freedom from the conditionings of the mind.

~ Swami Rama (Lectures on Patanjali Yogasutra)

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