Management bytes by Swami Tejomayananda

The successful management of an organisation can be measured by the people working for it and their level of satisfaction and happiness.

When we focus on happiness we find that it is dependent on people's expectations which are constantly changing. The same object or event does not always give the same measure of happiness and satisfaction. From our experience, we know that it is very difficult to please everyone, all the time. So we try to see what success we can achieve in a given field.

Much depends on the leader in an organisation. He must rise above limited views. He must carry in his mind the total vision, the complete panorama. If his idea of success is limited, then his success will also be limited. Ultimately, the vision of the totality that the CEO carries, determines the growth, development and success of his enterprise. True knowledge gives us humility. Humility leads to greater ability which in turn leads to higher prosperity. Prosperity if used for righteousness will lead to true happiness.

Every leader has some duties or responsibilities towards those working for him. A good leader must assume three basic responsibilities towards his employees:

1. He must give security to his employees.

2. He must design their job content appropriately.

3. Teach them what dharma is. Explain to them the significance of ethics, and the importance of right values.

~ Swami Tejomayananda

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