If culture and dharma is still alive in India today, the credit for that goes to Guru Gobind Singh Ji–Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji on Guru Govind Singh Ji and Sikh Gurus

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: If culture and dharma is still alive in India today, the credit for that goes to Guru Gobind Singhji. All 10 Gurus have done a lot for India and it’s citizens, they shown the path. Indian land will always be indebted to Guru Gobind Singh Ji because of the way he has brought a change in this country. The saints sadhus mahatmas of this country would stay in their own mathas or temples, they would remain stuck in their pujas and rituals, many would not care for the society. And the people who would work for the society who were warriors, they were far away from Dharma. There was no sign of sainthood in them. So Guru Gobind Singh ji said that be a saint in the mind, have sweetness in behaviour and have warrior-like courage in your arms. So he raised his voice for Saint Soldier. And he became the greatest saint warrior. Saint soldier is being compassionate and not being fearful, not being actionless, not just sitting and accepting everything saying ‘oh everything is being done by God.’ Where there is requirement to stand and protect dharma one should stand up.

So this great call, which was very much required for the nation, was given by Guru Gobind Singh ji. And he was a big devotee of Goddess Chandi too. He would do Chandi homa, puja of the mother divine, every time before going to war. And he brought into light the honour for the tradition of masters, the importance of Guru tatva in life. And he also said that if there is no living Master then one is to consider the Granth(Holy book) as the Master. Knowledge is Guru. There is no difference between knowledge and Guru. Granth means knowledge. When the knowledge becomes a part of one’s life then that is Guru. If the knowledge is not lived then how can one be Guru? There is no difference between knowledge and Guru so there is no difference between Granth and Guru.. This is what he said and on the other hand, be a saint soldier.


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