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Can you imagine the strength of that mind?

Raja Yoga Sutra [from Chapter I: "Samadhi Pada- On Contemplations"]


Verbal delusion is caused by the identification with words that have no basis in reality.

Can you imagine the strength of that mind?

Commentary: A great Hindu holy man was once insulted in front of his disciples by a non-believer who spat upon his face several times. Not one muscle twitched, nor did his calm facial expression change, because he did not identify with his physical sheath. His mind was centered in God. Can you imagine the strength of that mind?

Swami Sivananda prostrated before that man who tried to kill him, and Jesus forgave those who crucified him. No matter what was done to them, they responded with one thought, that of pure love. A true master will not react in anger, for to him insult and praise are the same.

Restraint of thought waves does not mean suppression.Suppression dams up violent emotions. For various reasons, people suffer abuse, suppressing anger or pain by smiling and carrying a stiff upper lip. The restrained thought waves must be given an outlet.

They must be sublimated and channelled into such uplifting activities as Mantra repetition, exercise, singing and meditation on opposite,positive thoughts. Exchange love for anger and joy for sorrow.

~Swami Vishnu-Devananda

This New Year

Happy New Year

This New year… Reveal Your Inherent Divinity

Radiant immortal Atman! Beloved children of Light!

My first request to you, is:

Begin the New Year by lifting up your heart, mind, and your entire being to God and asking Him earnestly and sincerely that the New Year may be an ideal year filled with 365 ideal,golden days divinely lived, filled with truthfulness,compassion, kindness, purity, and nobility of thought,word and deed.

May everyday that you live bring some benefit to all life around you! May everyday of this New Year that you live be the source of good and joy to others, and bring happiness to others! May it be helpful to all the living creatures, and even to inanimate and immobile things like trees and plants.Feel your oneness with all humanity. Be a world citizen. May the oneness of all life and the fraternity of mankind be always the guiding sentiment in the living of your life! Be large-hearted. Be forgiving, loving, expressing humaneness, friendliness and not allowing any negativity in your heart.

And when you wake up in the morning, wake up with there solution that "I will make this New Year four times as valuable, beautiful, ideal and useful as the year that has just passed. Let the future be better than the past."

Cast a bird's-eye-view on the previous year-what have been its fine points, minus points and drawbacks. You may make up your mind, correct all the errors, and see that they are not repeated in the New-year.

Make the New Year a better one. The effort should be progress, progress and ascent. The overall law that prevails in all life upon this earth is the law of evolution, ascending from the lower to the higher,still higher until fullness and perfection is reached.You must never forget that the living of human life is a progression upon the path of evolution. Keep this in mind and see that everything that you think or speak,every action that you engage in takes you further and upward upon this path of evolution and perfection. You must utilize the God given intelligence in the highest measure. Human life means an ascent to perfection,because you are made in the likeness of God. And God is all-full, all-perfect. So the potential for that perfection, that Divinity is already there in you.That which is latent should be made dynamically patent.

Divine thou art, let divine be your life. Therefore,be divine hundred per cent in everything that you do,think and feel. Make your life sublime. Never forget your real nature that you are a wave in the Ocean of pure Divine Consciousness, you are a part of eternal Existence.

May God and Gurudev shower their grace upon you all!

Swami Chidananda

~ Sri Swami Chidanandaji

Let none regret that they were difficult to convince


Let none regret that they were difficult to convince! I fought my Master for six years with the result that I know every inch of the way! Every inch of the way!

And so, you see my devotion is the dog's devotion. I have been wrong so often and he has always been right, and now I trust his judgment blindly.


~Swami Vivekananda on Sri Ram Krishna Paramhansa

Swami Vivekananda

Learning or Imitation?



Much of the so-called learning process we go through is mere imitation. We imitate each other and think we are learning. We have not let our intuitive knowledge come forward and be useful in our daily lives.


Swami Rama

~Swami Rama

One cosmic religion

One Cosmic Religion

Though I have read practically every type of philosophy, both Eastern and Western, and no one can stand before me in philosophical arguments or religious doctrine at the present time, and therefore I am fully satisfied as regards all the philosophies and all the religions of the world, though these philosophies appear to be different from each other and religions also differ from each other, I have with my own rational capacity tried to bring them together, and to me now there is only one philosophy and one religion.

I do not any more see many philosophies and many religions; they just don't exist for me. I agree with Chesterton who said: 'There can be only one cosmic philosophy and one cosmic religion,

and those who are believing in many philosophies and many religions are asking for many skies, many suns and many moons.

~ Swami Krishnananda

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