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How to dawn love?

Q) Guruji, How to dawn love?
Sri Sri When you lose stiffness in you love dawns. And how this can be
possible!! Then it is said that it is very essential to clean your
“Nadis”. Doing pranayama, sitting in Satsang, sitting with enlighten
beings will surely purify your “Nadis” and with that love will dawn.
1) Take better sleep
2) Do physical exercise and make you body flexible
3) Do Kriya, Pranayama, Meditation and all spiritual gymnastics.
4) And above all these “Grace” works.
A Lazy one cannot be “Bhakta”. He cannot achieve anything in his life.
Love is contagious in company of enlighten ones. When “Nadi’s” inside
opens up you see; unseen. It’s interesting.


Q: Guruji, I still have doubts when I don’t want to doubt who and what you are. What should I do?

Sr Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Never mind, doubt as much as you can. I don’t mind you doubting, go on. Know that what we doubt is always positive. We doubt the love of someone, not the anger of someone. We doubt our capabilities, we never doubt our weaknesses. We doubt our happiness. So understand the nature of our doubt.

Will meditation help?

Q: When mind becomes imbalanced will meditation help?

Sri Sri:
It is just a matter of time. Some moments you feel shraddha, bhakti etc. have just gone. Once that time is gone, it will come back. Even when mind feels restless, just sit in Satsang. Do more pranayama and see the difference.

Conquering all fears

Q: Dear Guruji, how could one conquer all fears and if successful, what to expect out of this experience?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: There is nothing called “all” fears. There is only one fear and the fear is of extinction and this is kept by nature. And how this can be extinguished is through the understanding, ‘I’m not the body, I’m the spirit’, number one; second, ‘only the best will happen to me’. That’s it. No third.



Supreme grace is all-pervading, indwelling and ever-present. It manifests within as right enquiry and right discrimination. When you are in great extremity, suddenly an idea flashes in your heart: “This is what I must do at this moment.” This is grace. Help is nearest at hand. When you think that you are about to fail, Grace is ever at hand!

- Swami Chidananda

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