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At present we may not have a taste for spiritual things, because we have formed the habit of longing for the things of this world; so spiritual things are not pleasing to us. But we must try to cultivate another taste. As we have formed the habit of worldly desires, so we should form a new spiritual habit. We have lived so long in close contact with the physical world that it alone seems real and important, while the spiritual world is vague and un-important to us. But if we try to know more of the unfamiliar realm, we shall begin to feel its reality and our life will be transformed.

When we are able to make God a living Presence in our life, then His light will shed its radiance even in the hours of darkness and sadness.

~ Swami Parmananda

Reflection of the same

Reflection of the same

A foolish devotee had a golden image of Buddha, which she took with her wherever she went. In the course of her wanderings, she came to a monastery where hundreds of images of Buddha were present.
She did not like the other Buddhas, she liked only her own. Whenever she burnt incense before her Buddha, she never liked that the fumes should go to the others. She drew a curtain round the image.
In a few months her Buddha became dark and grim, while the others were shining brighter, still.
Similar is the case with the narrow-hearted persons. They do not honor others’ faith. But as a river without tributaries suffers dearth, their faith too lacks firmness and dies immature death.
One should develop the heart to embrace the other faiths, also. The religion that embraces all and fights with none is the real religion. Such a religion alone will endure, while others will vanish like bubbles. Such an enduring religion is the religion of truth, purity, non-violence and love.

~ Swami Sivananda

How can you love God?

Kailash Mansarovar

If you cannot love your brother whom you have seen,how can you love God whom you have never seen ? You cannot be selective in your forgiveness,in your kindness, in your tolerance.If you can extend this charitable nature to an impossible person, then you will know that it is possible to extend it towards everyone.

~Swami Chidananda.

Behold good in all

Evil is mere appearance. It is not a reality. It is an illusion. Evil exists to glorify good. Good and evil are not two independent things or entities. They are the two sides of the coin.

An evil man is a saint of the future. Transmute evil into good through Vichara or reflection.

Out of evil often cometh good. There is neither absolute good nor absolute evil in this phenomenal world. Good and evil are relative terms.

Behold good alone in everything. Develop again and again the good-finding faculty. Destroy the evil-finding quality to its very root.

~Swami Sivananda

Parable Of The Luxurious Man

He was very rich. He led a luxurious life. He ate delicious dishes. He would throw away anything which does not come up to his highly developed sense of taste. This high living gave him violent dysentery. The doctor prescribed for him the most bitter pill. “Unless you take this bitter pill, you will die,” he said. Without another word, the man took the pill and became well. Once for all he gave up the life of luxury so that he might never again fall sick.

When there is abundance of energy, in the full bloom of youth, man leads a sensuous life. He is accustomed only to the best of everything! He would scoff at renunciation, self-sacrifice, self-denial, etc. He is not interested in anything that does not give him the maximum sensual pleasure.

His physical energy is depleted. The Guru comes to him and points out to him that he is suffering from the most deadly disease of birth and death. He gives him the bitter pill of renunciation, self-sacrifice and self-denial. Because this is the only way of escaping from the disease of birth and death, the man swallows the pill, and resolves at that very moment, never to revert to his old life of luxury, of Godlessness and heedlessness.

~Swami Sivananda

Art of Living course calendar for July 2010, Bangalore Ashram

Gift yourself the time of your life with Art of living courses at Bangalore Ashram in July 2010

Part 2 course ( With Guruji ): 24 – 27 June & 1 – 4 July

Divya Samaj ka Nirman ( DSN ): 8 – 11 July

Blessings Course: 16 – 18 July

Guru Purnima Special Weeklong Silence Retreat: 19 – 25 July

Spiritual Retreat: 9 – 11 July

Regular Courses:

Part 1 course: Every week Friday – Sunday

Part 2 course: Every week Thursday – Sunday

Weekend Yoga Retreat: 2nd & 4th Saturday – Sunday

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Course: Every week Friday – Sunday ( 2 hours every day )

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