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How to go beyond the thinking mind

"Those who remain on the thinking level do not get the opportunity to see what they are within."

~ Swami Rama

Breathing exercises, pranayam, sudarshan kriya, and total devotion to the divine are tested methods to go beyond the chaos and conflicts of the thinking mind :-)

I assure you, God is not a jailer

Swami Rama

I assure you, God is not a jailer. It is you own conviction that creates a jailer for you, and it is your sheer ignorance that you call that jailer God.

At the eve of my life, I say loud and clear.

A God whose functions are limited to punishing ‘bad people’ and to rewarding ‘good people’ is your creation.

No one other than you can free yourself from the self-created God, hell, heaven, punishments, and rewards. Wake up! Live a responsible and purposeful life.

Throw away the crutches that perpetuate your dependency on others and create a world of your choice – a world that is happy and peaceful”

God bless you.

~ Swami Rama

Habit patterns, practice and sleep

Yoga nidra

The human personality is composed of habit patterns. If yoga nidra is practiced regularly like the practice of meditation, habit will lead you spontaneously to this state. Otherwise to remain fighting mentally—because you are only practicing occasionally—brings frustration.

When you think that it is difficult to practice, then it really becomes difficult. But when you decide and determine to practice, your willpower and determination will lead you to achieve what you want to do. 

Yogis reduce the amount of sleep to two and a half hours, and finally to no sleep. Using “sleepless sleep,” they go to a state of deep meditation instead of sleep. When meditation becomes your whole life this change naturally occurs.

~ Swami Rama

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