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The meaning of Om Namah Shivaay mantra


Swami Muktananda, on the basis of his personal experience, spoke in glowing terms about the efficacy of the panchakshari , the five-lettered mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’, in inducing seekers to spontaneously delve into deep meditation. The five syllables of this mantra na, ma, shi, va and ya are the bij-aksharas or seed-letters of the five elements of creation; earth, water, fire, air and ether, of which our body is made. Flesh represents the earth; blood represents water; the body heat that helps in digesting food represents fire; the prana or life-giving force represents air; and the mind represents ether.More...

Create a learning and rejoicing family

Creating a happy family

Operate from commitment and not complaint. Let your identity not depend on others.

If others have told you that you are a great speaker, then you feel you are a great speaker. So your identity is dependent on others. In fact, others create your identity. Others validate you. It is painful, as you have invested much on others. Your image is in the hands of others. The fact is, the real 'I' in us is not created by others. The lower self is a product of others, but the higher self is our essence. The higher self is a presence. It is awareness. We have not learnt to operate from that state of being. Hence, we are alien to ourselves. More...

Relationships and the ego


When you operate from ego, your relationships will be affected. Ego wants to prove its point of view. The point of view is more important than truth or happiness. In that state, you demand and not command respect. If a couple demands respect from each other, then they are beggars of happiness and not givers of happiness. In the egoistic state, an argument feeds the ego.

Remember no one wins an argument. You accumulate more of bitterness and at different periods of time you settle scores with the other. When you operate from the 'higher self', there is a healthy discussion. In discussion, truth is more important than who has said it. Happiness and well-being become more important than the survival of one's point of view.


Hope has its place, know it

In any circle there is a centre and a circumference. If the centre of your life is hope then you will experience deficiency. If the centre of your life is enjoying the moment, living in the moment, being total in the moment... then hope will be a circumference... then it is not a problem.

Let kitchen items be in the kitchen and bathroom items be in the bathroom. If they are placed elsewhere, then there is a problem. There is no problem with 'hope' as such, as long as it is in the circumference and not in the centre. Be alive to the present.

~ Swami Sukhabodhananda

Silence - a spiritual tool

We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature, trees flowers, grass grow in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence. We need silence to be able to touch souls. ~ Mother Teresa

Where speech will not succeed, It is better to be silent.~ Guru Granth Sahib

The material and spiritual

One of the most frustrating aspects of spirituality is the “business” or “money” aspect, feels Keith Johnson:

There are tons of people out there trying to use spirituality to become multi-millionaires. I disagree with this totally. The entire purpose of spirituality is solidarity, oneness, sharing, collaboration, and bringing people together where we all can learn to work together as a unit. Using spiritual truth to become a millionaire is really quite outlandish, and is a direct offense against the entire purpose of the dharma.

Any money made through books, speaking, or service to the dharma should necessary be funneled directly back to an ends that can be shared by all. This means putting money into a temple, shrine, or holy place that people can visit, as well as using the money to help people in a community who are suffering materially. More...

Bubbles in a sea of consciousness

Nuerosurgeon Deepak Ranade, speaks out about innate spirituality:

All creation is analogous to bubbles in the vast expanse of consciousness. Realisation involves loss of this separateness from the surrounding water, a sense of just merging into the water. It is dissolution of that membrane of separateness called the ego. If this dissolution occurs during the journey of life, it would be similar to the bubble losing the differentiating membrane on the way travelling from the bottom of the sea to the top. When the mind-body organism ends (death) it would be the equivalent of the bubble reaching the surface and then just popping. This bubble has a plethora of forms and shapes. But still just a transient identification of being separate.

The separateness that desires this enlightenment is the ego, the identification with the mind-body organism. The consciousness that animates this mind-body form is the true Self.

Religious orientation and beliefs are not congenital. They are a product of conditioning. More...

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