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I assure you, God is not a jailer

Swami Rama

I assure you, God is not a jailer. It is you own conviction that creates a jailer for you, and it is your sheer ignorance that you call that jailer God.

At the eve of my life, I say loud and clear.

A God whose functions are limited to punishing ‘bad people’ and to rewarding ‘good people’ is your creation.

No one other than you can free yourself from the self-created God, hell, heaven, punishments, and rewards. Wake up! Live a responsible and purposeful life.

Throw away the crutches that perpetuate your dependency on others and create a world of your choice – a world that is happy and peaceful”

God bless you.

~ Swami Rama

Evolution and perfection

"Life is exquisitely perfect the way it drives people in their evolution."

  ~Swami Rama

This makes a lot of sense in retrospect. The present may seem chaotic but it is still a journey towards improvement and evolution, always…:-)

How to Eliminate negative thoughts

Eliminate negative thoughts

When an evil thought harasses the mind, the best method of conquering it is by ignoring it. How can we ignore an evil thought? By forgetting it. How can we forget? By not indulging in it again, and also by not brooding over it. How can we prevent the mind from indulging in it again or brooding over it? By thinking of something very interesting, something sublime and inspiring.

Ignoring, Forgetting, Thinking, of something inspiring, - these three constitute the great Sadhana for establishing mastery over evil thoughts.

Swami Sivananda

~Swami Sivananda

Discovering happiness in gloomy times – Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra with daughter Mallika

I can think of no better New Year's resolution than to answer the question, "Who am I?" In other words, to find happiness in gloomy times, start your own journey inward. There are dozens of ways to begin such a journey, through books, teachers, meditation, and your own inner guidance.

What it takes is desire and a focused intention.

No one can walk this path for you, which is why many people would rather listen to someone they think is wiser and more experienced than themselves. But once you set out to meet your true self, which lies beneath layers of old conditioning, doubts, and beliefs, nothing is more fascinating.

Countless saints and sages, both East and West, have promised that inside each of us is a core of peace. Our true selves are free from anxiety; they open the doorway to joy and fulfillment. But the only way you'll find out is to begin your own journey. I hope you will. Gloomy times are stressful for everyone, yet they also serve as a starting point for personal transformation if you set your mind to it.

~ Deepak Chopra (An excerpt from

Meditation is a powerful mental and nerve tonic

Meditation is a powerful mental and nerve tonic. The holy vibrations penetrate all the cells of the body and cure the diseases of the body. The powerful, soothing waves that arise during meditation exercise a benign influence on the mind, nerves, organs and cells of the body. The divine energy freely flows like the flow of oil from one vessel to the other, from the feet of the all-pervading Lord, to the different parts of the body of the aspirant. Through regular practice of meditation build around yourself a strong fortress of protection against the evil forces of the ignorant world and robe yourself with a magnetic aura.

~Swami Sivananda

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