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Benefits of Truth

Patanjali Yoga Sutra




By the establishment of truthfulness the Yogi gets the power of attaining for himself and others the fruits of work without the works.


When this power of truth will be established with you, then even in dream you will never tell an untruth. You will be true in thought, word, and deed. Whatever you say will be truth. You may say to a man, "Be blessed," and that man will be blessed. If a man is diseased, and you say to him, "Be thou cured," he will be cured immediately.

Swami Vivekananda

Commentary  by Swami Vivekananda

How to come out of Humiliation


Know that humiliation does not weaken you, it strengthens you. When you have a sense of belongingness, you don't feel humiliated. The more egotistic you are, the more humiliation you feel. So, the ways to come out of humiliation are: Get humiliated! Be childlike, Be crazy, Get steeped in love with the Divine, Be committed to Truth

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

~ Sri Sri Ravi shankar

` Sri Sri Ravishak

It is not religion. It is delusion

Demonstrate what your religion has done to you and what is has made out of you. If your religion has not made you selfless, sympathetic, serviceful and sacrificing - then bundle it up and throw it into the sea. It is not religion. It is delusion. Start anew and begin to become truly religious.

~ Swami Chidananda

Why mothers’ need to control their anger

When a mother genuinely angry, administers the blows and billows of anger on her children, the children also get angry, but are unable to react or protest effectively. Besides discipline imposed by fear has only a marginal chance of becoming a good acquired habit, because of the coexistence of suppressed, but developing animosity in the hearts of children. The result is that their anger goes under-ground  in their minds and lies in wait, manufacturing animosity of different kinds in their psyche.

When the animosity will suddenly explode, as it must, one day, she, who had not learnt to overcome her anger, and is now also unable to use her wonted anger-therapy on her grown up children, would find herself to be very unhappy and frustrated person. And, to be sure, she has herself contributed to this situation! It is to be pondered over weather or not the permanent benefit of filial love should be sacrificed for a temporary advantage.

But the situation would be entirely different if the mother practices anger-therapy on her children after learning how to overcome her own anger. In that case she would be only hissing like the cobra of Sri Ramkrishna’s parable, and not biting. [Note: the reference is to the story of the Brahamchari and the Cobra in the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna]

Creative utilization of anger is impossible for a person who has not learnt how to overcome his anger.

Excerpt from How to overcome anger  ~Swami Paramananda

Way of true action

Way of true action

If by study, enquiry or thought, we have learned the truth, we should then put it into practice in both our speech and action. Let what we say be truth and what we do discreet. Regulate the emotions, and suppress anger and selfish desires. Shake off evil and cling onto good. Discovering our faults, let us not hesitate to correct them. Towards others let us be considerate. All this is way of true action… Without putting what we have learned into practice, it bears no fruit.

~ Kaibara Ekken, Japanese Sage

Despair is never a solution – Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama

Despair is never a solution, it is the ultimate failure. In Tibetan we say, “if the rope breaks nine times, we must splice it together a tenth time”. Even if ultimately we do fail, at least we will have no feelings of regret. And when we combine this insight with a clear appreciation of our potential to benefit others, we can begin to restore our hope and confidence.

~ Dalai Lama

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