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Sanskrit prayer before meals

Sanskrit praer before meals, ayurvedaThis Sanskrit prayer to be read before a meal, indicates that eating and digesting is a sacred act. The prayer means know Anna, the food to be Brahma (the creative force), the juices in the food, the elements worthy of digestion to be Vishnu (the force that sustains), and the act of digestion to be Shiva (the force that destroys non-essentials). If you know this while you have your meals, no ill-effects which may have otherwise emanated from the food will affect you. Know the act of eating and digestion to be sacred :-) Food in Banke Bihari ki gali

Vande Mataram video

Vande Mataram
Sujalaam, suphalaam, malayaja sheetalaam
Shasya shyamala maataram
Vande Maataram

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