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Why are there differences between religions

Q: Why are there differences between religions?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Religion has three components: symbols, customs and traditions, and values. As far as values are concerned, there is no difference, because all talk about oneness. Customs and symbols are all very different; they have to be, this is what makes the world beautiful, because God doesn't like uniforms!

Nature has been created with such diversity- so many flowers, animals, people. Diversity is the language of God. In India, God can have any number of names and forms, and they all point to one Divinity. So in one sense, there is difference, and in another sense there is unity.

Wise ones celebrate diversity, fools fight over it.

One cosmic religion

One Cosmic Religion

Though I have read practically every type of philosophy, both Eastern and Western, and no one can stand before me in philosophical arguments or religious doctrine at the present time, and therefore I am fully satisfied as regards all the philosophies and all the religions of the world, though these philosophies appear to be different from each other and religions also differ from each other, I have with my own rational capacity tried to bring them together, and to me now there is only one philosophy and one religion.

I do not any more see many philosophies and many religions; they just don't exist for me. I agree with Chesterton who said: 'There can be only one cosmic philosophy and one cosmic religion,

and those who are believing in many philosophies and many religions are asking for many skies, many suns and many moons.

~ Swami Krishnananda

It is not religion. It is delusion

Demonstrate what your religion has done to you and what is has made out of you. If your religion has not made you selfless, sympathetic, serviceful and sacrificing - then bundle it up and throw it into the sea. It is not religion. It is delusion. Start anew and begin to become truly religious.

~ Swami Chidananda

The meeting point of religions – Dalai Lama

The 14th Dalai Lama

We can't say that all religions are the same, different religions have different views and fundamental differences. But it does not matter, as all religions are meant to help in bringing about a better world with better and happier human beings. On this level, I think that through different philosophical explanations and approaches, all religions have the same goal and the same potential.

~ The 14th Dalai Lama

Reflection of the same

Reflection of the same

A foolish devotee had a golden image of Buddha, which she took with her wherever she went. In the course of her wanderings, she came to a monastery where hundreds of images of Buddha were present.
She did not like the other Buddhas, she liked only her own. Whenever she burnt incense before her Buddha, she never liked that the fumes should go to the others. She drew a curtain round the image.
In a few months her Buddha became dark and grim, while the others were shining brighter, still.
Similar is the case with the narrow-hearted persons. They do not honor others’ faith. But as a river without tributaries suffers dearth, their faith too lacks firmness and dies immature death.
One should develop the heart to embrace the other faiths, also. The religion that embraces all and fights with none is the real religion. Such a religion alone will endure, while others will vanish like bubbles. Such an enduring religion is the religion of truth, purity, non-violence and love.

~ Swami Sivananda

Different religions are like different medicines for different diseases

Different religions

Different religions are like different medicines for different diseases of people.

Every religion has some point of Truth in it.

But there cannot be a universally prescribed religious attitude for the whole of mankind, indiscriminately, in the same way as a common medicine cannot be prescribed for every kind of illness of everyone.

The variety in the prescription of medicines does not mean that the medical science itself is diverse in its inner constituents. The science of medicine is an indivisible, single system of treatment of human nature, though it manifests itself as a variety of medical prescriptions, due to the difference in the kinds of illness of people.

As the science is one and the medicines can be many, the background of religion is single, and in this sense we may say that there is only one religion, the religion of man in respect of the One God. Yet, we may say that there are many religions, as there are many medical prescriptions, all equally necessary and true in their own way, notwithstanding their internal difference.

~Swami Krishnanand

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