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Winning the battle of everyday life…

A lump of sand cannot withstand the erosive effect of the ocean’s waves; an individual who lacks imperturbable inner peace cannot remain tranquil during mental conflict.

But as a diamond remains unchanged no matter how many waves swirl around it, so also a peace crystallised individual remains radiantly serene even when trials beset him from all sides.

Out of the changeful waters of life, let us salvage through meditation the diamond of unchangeable soul-consciousness, which sparkles with the everlasting joy of Spirit.

~ Paramhasa Yogananda, Inner Peace: How to be calmly active and actively calm

Evolution and perfection

"Life is exquisitely perfect the way it drives people in their evolution."

  ~Swami Rama

This makes a lot of sense in retrospect. The present may seem chaotic but it is still a journey towards improvement and evolution, always…:-)

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