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Growing with love, a poem by Ruskin Bond

Pine woods

Lord protect the little ones.
Those learning to walk, to run, to climb.
As they take their tumbles and their knocks,
May they be upright as tall pines climbing the hills.
But teach them to bend too -
To be humble like the willow,
Which bows low gracefully,
And comes to no harm.

~ Ruskin Bond, To Live in Magic

Sri Banke Bihari ji ke sawaiya, 22 of 144

दीन दयाल सुने जब ते, तब ते मन में कछु ऐसी बसी है ।
तेरो कहाय के जाऊँ कहाँ, तुम्हरे हित की कटि फेंट कसी है ॥
तेरो ही आसरो एक ‘मलूक’, नहीं प्रभु सो कोऊ दूजो जसी है ।
ए हो मुरारी पुकारि कहूँ, अब मेरी हँसी नहिं तेरी हँसी है ॥

In this sawaiya verse, Malook says to Krishna:

Ever since I’ve heard of your merciful nature, I have surrendered myself to you. Now that I am yours, I am not going to anyone else for help. My surrender to you is total. I depend on you. There is none other as famous as you. Murari, if you don’t answer my prayer, I am not at a loss, it is your fame that you are jeopardising :-)

Beloved Guide…

Prayer to the Beloved Guid

Beloved Guide, my soul’s Safe-keeper,

Thy firm but gentle hand of wisdom hath saved me falling over the precipice of life many many times.

In my childish whims how oft have I disregarded Thy pleadings and warnings,

Yet Thy tender love and unchanging patience have ever shielded me.

Oft my own hope and courage abandon me,

But thou dost never forsake me.

Thou hast given me all; yea, more than this small vessel of mine can hold.

Naught have I to offer Thee save this unworthy life

Which is already Thine.

swamiji paramananda

~Swami Paramananda

A prayer for everyone affected by the Haiti earthquake

A Sanskrit prayer from India for Haiti’s quick recovery

Sarve sukhinah santu

sarve santu niraamayah

sarve bhadraani pashyantu

ma kashchid dukh bhaagbhavet

May all be happy. May all be free of disease, trauma and infirmities. May the blessing of abundance and good luck be with all. May none be affected by sorrow, want, hurt, loneliness and loss.

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