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Pandit Birju Maharaj Kathak classes at Art of Living International Center, Bangalore, India

Kathak workshop with Pandit Birju Maharaj 2014-11-27 to 2014-11-30 Bangalore

birju maharaj art of living

The Programmes integrate Pandit Birju Maharaj ji’s Kathak dance training with simple Yoga, powerful breathing techniques, Meditations, rejuvenating Ayurveda (an ancient healing science) and much more!

Programmes: Basic and Advanced Levels

Dates: 27th - 30th November 2014
(Check-in: 26th evening, Check-out: 30th 6 pm onwards)

Eligibility:  Basic for Beginners: Is open for all above 17 years of age
                 Advanced: Is open for all above 17 years of age having a minimum 3 years training in Kathak

Pre-Registration Required.

For More Details
For Details call: 080 67262637, 8123474509
Register at:

Pandit ji belongs to Lucknow gharana of Kathak, and I have been privileged to attend a training workshop withhim at Kathak Kendra, Gomtinagar, Lucknow in the year 2006. It was unforgettable! Dance is a wonderful therapy. Kathak is an eminent classical dance of India, and it is amazing to learn it with such ease from the legendary Pandit Birju Maharaj.

Kathak students still visit his ancestral home in Lucknow to seek blessings. His lineage

Shovana Narayan’s Asavari celebrates 30 years

Shovana Narayan

Thirty years is an important milestone, especially for a Kathak dance school. Asavari, the institute started by dancer Shovana Narayan in 1979, holds its 30th birthday celebrations with an upbeat smile.

LalitArpan festival 2009 that will be held on 1st and 2nd of August 2009 at the Stein auditorium, India Habitat Centre.


Interview excerpts: Birju Maharaj

Pundit Brij Mohan Misra, better known as Kathak guru Birju Maharaj, has pursued Lucknow gharana of Kathak in its purest form as it was handed down to him through the generations.

Excerpts from an interview

At the outset, your very first simple advice to the dancers of today?

Birju Maharaj:

Jab tum nacho, dharti maa ka massage karo, use kuton, maro nahi . Dharti maa ke prati jo hamara pyar hai, use hi ham Nrutya kahte hain, uska bhav yahi hai, aur use usi tarah se pesh kiya jana chahiye.

How did you gain mastery over so many instruments like the Tabla, Santoor and vocal music?

Birju Maharaj:

Once Jagjit Singh said to me, 'Panditji, aapki kala sampoorna hai, laya, sur aur bhav, tinon aapki kala mein hai .' For me, dance is perhaps my favourite medium of expression; however, I enjoy all kinds of music. Dance is the foremost medium of expression for me; other forms are the adornments which I have received in the course of my journey. More...

Shovana Narayan's kathak - Yudhishthir and Draupadi

Yudhisthar and Draupadi

The dance-theatre 'Yudhishtir and Draupadi' has been performed several times, not only in Delhi but also in Nepal, Punjab and Kerala. It has won raving reviews all over. This production, even though based on an event in one of our great epics, 'The Mahabharata', yet is so contemporary, as it explores various facets of human nature. It could be the story of any person; it could be articulating the innate unsaid feelings of a person. It makes a person think, laugh, sympathize, enjoy but above all …..  it talks about relationships which are eternal  ….  traditional yet so very modern! More...

Lucknow gharana kathak - Birju Maharaj

Birju Maharaj's rendition for film Devdas: An example from Lucknow gharana of Kathak. The choreography is by Birju Maharaj, the ruling doyen of Lucknow gharana Kathak, from the Bindadin-Kalka family of the Nawabi period in Lucknow. The lyrics are courtesy Birju Maharaj from his ancestral collection. This song was written especially for Kathak by Bindadin, the man who made this family famous.
Birju Maharaj is now based in Delhi, yet his ancestral home survives in Golaganj locality of Lucknow. This dyorhi is heritage material, and even now, Kathak dancers visit the place to pay thier respect to the family of kathaaks. Birju Maharaj specialises in Bhaav and abhinay aspects of Kathak dance.
Bol for Kathak dance
maalti gundhaay kesh pyare ghunghurwale
mukh daamini si damkat, chaal matwaari
dhaay shyam rok lai aur chakh mukh choom lai
sar se mori chunari gayi sarak sarak
kaahe chher chher mohe garwa lagaye


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