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Landscape Ideas 2

garden landscape idea river boat

A traditional rowing boat in a garden could be a lovely garden seat with a cup of coffee, a book to read and a few cushions!

The boat in this picture makes for an intriguing garden landscape feature at Krishna Kuteer, The Ayurveda Panchakarma and Spa center at The Art of Living International Center at Bangalore, India. The boat is made of solid wood and was probably used as a boat itself some time ago.

Zero Budget Natural Farming Program Part-1 from 27-29 Oct 2013 at Mirzapur

We are organising a Uttar Pradesh special Zero Budget Natural Farming Part-1 Programme in chemical free natural farming.

*Date: *27-29 Octuber 2013

*Timings: *9:00 a.m. to 3:00p.m.

  [Near TATA MOTERS ]         MIRZAPUR

*Contribution: *Rs. 300/-[Non-residential]

With warm regards,
Mob.: 9450790709

Garden landscape ideas, 1

Zen along the Ganges

These stones are drilled through the center and stacked with rebar running through the center. Though this picture is not what I saw at the banks of River Ganga, near Shivpuri (15 km from Rishikesh in Uttarakhand) as our raft turned a bend in the river, the stone pillars built like the ones in this picture were amazing, as they stood out against the mountainside and wild flora, with a temporary camping site by its side at a height of 50 ft from the river level. 

Paper flower in spring, North India

Paper flower

This flower is blooming in my garden, though I don’t know the name. I’ve seen it in shades of yellow, rust, orange, maroon, white and pink.

I call it the paper flower because of the crisp, papery texture of its petals. These make lovely dry flower arrangements. There is no need to dry the flowers. They last forever in an arrangement, minus the water.

Chinese oranges or Kumquats in North India

Chinese orange, kumquat in India

This ornamental garden tree/shrub is a common sight in India. Winter is the time the fruit show up and ripen. Around Christmas, a Kumquat or Chinese orange tree, as it is better known is the gardener’s pride.

For those who don’t have open gardens any more, this shrub does just as well as a bonsai.

The fruit makes great marmalade, and tastes great even when squeezed into a glass of water with sugar, rock salt and a pinch of roasted cumin powder :-) Ayurvedically it is a good digestive and cleanser for digestive system, much like neembu-pani (lemon juice replaces kumquat in the above recipe).

The fruit though hardly seen in a fruit market is appreciated by garden owners and their friends, who get them as gifts at times.

It is a no fuss tree. It grows with minimal care. Just water and a few handfuls of organic manure is all it asks.

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