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Ayurvedic solutions to eye problems

Ancient ayurvedic healers identified dozens of causes that can bring eyes to grief. Among them were:

  • Misuse of the eyes-straining too much, concentrating too hard on minute objects, or looking too far in the distance constantly.
  • Injury.
  • Excessive anger, jealousy, or negative feelings. (Echoing the thought that the eyes mirror the soul).
  • Suppression of natural urges like hunger, thirst, sleep, and the need to cry.
  • Suppression or neglect of sleep. Also, changes in one's regular sleep/wake routine.Therefore, ayurveda has a different way of looking at eye problems. It sees them as the result of disturbed dosha-balance.


Choosing health…

According to the ancient texts, a person seeking true health and wellbeing must:

  • Maintain a good balance between change and stability
  • Be able to digest life experiences, extracting the parts that are nourishing and releasing those aspects that are not
  • Make choices that generate enthusiasm in body, heart, mind, and soul

~ Dr David Simon

Dietary and lifestyle tips for keeping the liver in balance

Papayas keep the liver healthy

Q: Dietary and lifestyle tips for keeping the liver in balance?
A: First, avoid toxins in your food. Eat organic, freshly cooked foods.

If you eat foods that are laced with preservatives and chemicals, or that are processed or leftover, you're just making your liver work overtime to filter out the toxins. Eventually that's going to tax the health of your liver.

Also avoid toxic foods such as alcohol (which is well-proven to be the cause of cirrhosis of the liver, but even in small doses should be strictly avoided by people of Pitta constitution). Stay away from cigarette smoke and air pollution and exposure to commercial household cleansers and other toxic substances. These are all taxing to the liver. In general, drink lots of water to flush out toxins, but be sure it is pure water. More...

Sanskrit prayer before meals

Sanskrit praer before meals, ayurvedaThis Sanskrit prayer to be read before a meal, indicates that eating and digesting is a sacred act. The prayer means know Anna, the food to be Brahma (the creative force), the juices in the food, the elements worthy of digestion to be Vishnu (the force that sustains), and the act of digestion to be Shiva (the force that destroys non-essentials). If you know this while you have your meals, no ill-effects which may have otherwise emanated from the food will affect you. Know the act of eating and digestion to be sacred :-) Food in Banke Bihari ki gali

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