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Art of Living DSN course with Anand Rajendran

Art of Living’s Divya Samaj Nirman course with Anandji in Lucknow (17-20 December 2009) has been an eye-opener for my shortcomings and strengths, and how shortcomings can be turned around :-)

The 3.25 day course including Padmasadhna, Sudarshan kriya, meditation, chanting and knowledge points worked into interactive sessions worked wonders. It has given me a tool-kit to handle life’s daily ups and downs with acceptance, peace and smiles. It has developed a, ‘No problem is too big for me,’ attitude in me :-)

It was amazing to find my 120 co-participants, aged 18-74, all flow with the rhythm of the DSN course with full enthusiasm.

And for most of us the course never ended! A visit to the Lucknow District Jail for a satsang with prisnors, group sadhna at Crossroads Plaza, listening to a commentary on Ashtavakra Gita by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on video, planning for AOL’s upcoming Divine temple of learning and more…

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