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Sri Krishna Chandra - Braj literature - Sanskrit lyrics

Shree Krishna Chandra Krupalu-Bhajman is a popular poem sung in Braj, Vrindavan and surrounding areas. It is a Sanskrit verse, slightly offbeat from regular Braj sahitya or Braj literature, which is in Brijbhasha, and not Sanskrit. Nonetheless, this particular poem in Sanskrit describing Radha, Krishna and the setting around them in Vrindavan, despite being in Sanskrit makes for easy singing. It is lyrical in character.

Shree Krishna Chandra Krupalu-Bhajman, Nand-Nandan-Sundaram.
Asharan-Sharan Bhav-Bhay-Haran, Anand-Ghan Raadhaa-Varam.  

Panch Padyani - Vallabhacharya, Sanskrit text

Panch Padyani is written in Sanskrit by Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya. This belongs to his collective literary works known as Shodash granth. In five verses, Panch Padyani describes the four types of devotees of God. Reading this, devotees can do a quick check on where they stand.More...

Madhurashtak video and Sanskrit text

Sing along with MS Subbulakshmi: Sri Madhurashtakam
Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya's Sanskrit eight-versed peon to Krishna: Madhurashtak - Krishna is abounding sweetness...More...

Vishnu Sahastranam: Sanskrit text

Vishnu Sahastranam, was written in Sanskrit, the language of gods. It is a part of the world's longest epic: Mahabharat Purana or Jai-granth, which translates as 'the scripture of victory'.

Vishnu Sahastranam gives a 1000 names of Vishnu. These were told by Bhishma to Yudhishtir in answer to six questions put to him by Yudhishthir. Yudhishthir wanted to know who to look up to as the highest ideal. Bhishma gave him a 1000 names of God, elaborating on God's qualities, the reason for choosing God as the best friend. Chanting or singing this piece of poetry is said to have therapeutic effect on the body and mind.More...

Suryashtak - Sanksrit text

Suryashtak is an eight-versed tribute in Sanskrit to the sun - the source of all energy. The Sanskrit text for Surya-ashtak is familiar to those familiar with Indian ritual worship. It is mostly recited as the Gayatri mantra is, to the accompaniment of a water offering to the sun at sunrise, or Sandhya puja. It is recommended for wellness in body and mind. Sunrise More...

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